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Stress is a strong feeling.† It can come from all directions.† It can stop you from reaching out to get help when you need it most.† Too many people in the world are hurting on the inside, or are over stressed and either afraid or donít know how to ask for help, an un-biased ear, a sounding board.†

Donít be afraid to take that first step.


My goal is to help teach you how to grapple with life's little ordinary problems. I have over 19 years of experience helping clients with a wide variety of issues, including relationship, Parenting, Anxiety, Gambling, Substance Abuse and Depression.† I am nationally certified and Professionally Licensed in the state of Arizona.


No one should have to suffer alone.


To contact us:

Phone: 480-522-4844

E-mail: lucinda@lucindafoster.com


3303 E. Baseline Rd.†

Bldg 5,† Suite 109

Gilbert AZ, 85234

Lucinda A. Foster, MEd, NCC, LPC

Helping Children, Adults, and Families for over 16 years.